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Small Delay

2015-07-24 15:03:24 by SiegWin

I've recently been learning some new things and one of them happened to be a better way of mastering.

In light of this new knowledge I've been re-working alot of projects including the one I was planning on posting. So it's going to take a bit longer than I had originally anticipated to release the song. I'm still having to do tweaks here and there and then referencing the sound through my regular headphones, it's going a bit slower than I'd like but it's getting there.           

Anyway I'm hoping to have a new song out next month so keep an eye out! 


Done fucked up......(Edited)

2015-07-07 16:52:06 by SiegWin

Whale I was just searching through some of my projects......and fahkin deleted one..... T-T

And I never backed it up so it's gone now.

Thats the track that got deleted. I'm going to attempt to rebuild it lol this should be fun....._-_

----                                                                       ----EDIT----                                                                           ----

Thanks to JandreParis I found that there was actually a backup folder (which I had no freakin clue was even there) within the Fl Studio data. So a big thanks to you man I was so relieved when I saw it was still in there. lol 

----Link to JandreParis Newgrounds----

Update 2

2015-06-29 06:34:18 by SiegWin

Hello my friends! 

I know it's been quite some time since I have uploaded anything. The main reason behind that is because my headphones broke T-T so I ended up having to use earbuds -_-. I did buy a new headset but it has it's own seperate drivers so my FL asio drivers won't work with them(which makes my FL lag like crazy). But tommorow im going to be picking up some decent monitor headphones :D. I apologize for not posting any tracks, I tend to be very picky about what I make, I just never feel like a track is done once I get started on it or I lose my momentum with the track. I'm really trying to better my tracks and make my own type of sound so you get the best experience possible. My main problems are EQ and structure with my songs and I hope I can better myself in those areas for a more complete sounding track that doesnt blow your ears out lol.

I haven't really been on NG much lately and after coming back today I realized why I should be on more often. Even though I may not have many fans or listeners the people who do actually listen are waiting for more from me and it made me realize again that there are actual people who listen to my tracks not just numbers on a screen. So in light of this second realization I'm going to be posting a few tracks soon probably towards the middle of july that I've been tweaking and revising. I look foward to seeing what you think of them! xD

And with this I bid you a good day!

Update 1

2015-03-13 14:19:29 by SiegWin

Man life can throw quite a few curves at you sometimes lol 

Lately I've been going through quite alot to take in at once and due to that I've been lacking in motivation for songs. That being said I still work on many projects but not as much as I'd like to. I only wish to tell any who listen to my music that I will still be posting projects but not very often due to circumstances. 

I wish you all a good day or night.


New Hope!

2015-01-13 17:43:53 by SiegWin

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since I've been on newgrounds but im here to tell you that i wll be coming back this year soon!

With the new year kicking off(I'm a little late in posting this but better late than never!)I'm hoping to bring myself back to posting my projects on here. In the past I always felt my projects were lacking(and i still feel that away a little.)and they needed more to them. So i decided to take a break for a while to refine my craft a bit not only for me but for the poeple who listen to my stuff because you guys deserve quality music to dance or sit back and relax to. So sometime this year(very soon hopefully!)I'll be starting to post some of my projects on here again. 

To all who have heard and enjoyed my music I'm so very greatful to you and I hope to see some of you comment again. I really like the feedback!

I hope you have a great year!

Over 50 songs

2013-09-21 05:15:04 by SiegWin

Well I happend to be looking through all of my songs recently and i counted all of them which equaled 50.
so in celebration of that milestone my 51st song is named Cherish because while i was listening to all of my old tracks
i was overwhelmed with emotions and memories from when i first started.
I would always say to myself. "none of these are probably going to get me anywhere."
Now i look back and i realize that even if i don't get anywhere with my songs at least i had fun making them and sharing them with the world.
haha even in that realization i still do dream of being a well known Dj but at least now if that doesn't happen i wont be broken by it.
Always remember the things you've done good or bad because they are what shaped you and made you who you are inside.

Hi Again

2013-08-02 23:49:28 by SiegWin

Well i've been trying to improve myself alot lately, I met with some success but not as much as i had hoped.
Anyway I'm going to try and take a jump at dubstep, now I know I'm not the best but i have to try.
The song's name will be Castle of Shadows(no castlevania affiliation). In the past of me producing songs
I just made some random melody and tried to go with it, but for Castle of Shadows I decided to instead
make a theme to go by instead of relying on a single melody. I'm almost finished with the track there are
just a few things that need to be changed or fixed. I plan on releasing the track sometime next week.

Now i know I havent posted a house track in some time BUT I will have one done soon enough.

Well thats pretty much it for now, I hope all of you have a nice experience listening to my music. x3

Dear god!

2013-05-23 23:58:01 by SiegWin

I know its been a while since ive posted anythinng on here but there is a good reason for it.
I recently broke my laptop and had to buy a new computer.
sad part is the computer that I bought is the most fucked piece of shit I've ever owned.
that being said I will still be able to make music but the quality of the song isnt going to be very good.
If you hear any strange clicking sounds or sounds that dont seem to belong in the song
I apologize in advance.


2013-04-14 02:02:10 by SiegWin

I havent had much time to work on my songs because im moving sadly.
but once I move in I'll be posting a new house song.
This one is going to sound completely different from the rest.
I cant wait to show you! x3


2013-03-17 21:27:15 by SiegWin

Well I'm actually starting to get somewhere for once.
I got a new plugin and I learned how to make a nasty bass using 3x osc which I used both in my
song Rage&Serenity. Epic name huh
anyway this post is mainly just to show you that I'm not dead and that I'm working my butt off
to get better.
May luck be with you all.