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Done fucked up......(Edited)

2015-07-07 16:52:06 by SiegWin

Whale I was just searching through some of my projects......and fahkin deleted one..... T-T

And I never backed it up so it's gone now.

Thats the track that got deleted. I'm going to attempt to rebuild it lol this should be fun....._-_

----                                                                       ----EDIT----                                                                           ----

Thanks to JandreParis I found that there was actually a backup folder (which I had no freakin clue was even there) within the Fl Studio data. So a big thanks to you man I was so relieved when I saw it was still in there. lol 

----Link to JandreParis Newgrounds----


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2015-07-07 16:53:54

what was the project about?

SiegWin responds:

lol it was a song i was in the process of working on. the one in the link is the song.


2015-07-08 00:57:32

oooo hehe i like. what program do you use?

SiegWin responds:

FL Studio 11
I tried using revert but I never had the project open recently.


2015-07-09 09:04:36

If you have FL set to back up frequently, then you can just check the backup folder on your computer. Should have the most recent version of what you were working on.