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2013-04-14 02:02:10 by SiegWin

I havent had much time to work on my songs because im moving sadly.
but once I move in I'll be posting a new house song.
This one is going to sound completely different from the rest.
I cant wait to show you! x3


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2013-04-14 04:52:32

New house song to celebrate moving into a new house? Oughta be something special. :)

SiegWin responds:

Lol Yep :3


2013-04-14 15:22:05

You cannot make house song because you are moving house...

SiegWin responds:

im not making a house song just because im moving into a new house lol
ive been working on the song for a while but i had to postpone because of moving
once im done moving ill have the time to finish it :D