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Update 2

2015-06-29 06:34:18 by SiegWin

Hello my friends! 

I know it's been quite some time since I have uploaded anything. The main reason behind that is because my headphones broke T-T so I ended up having to use earbuds -_-. I did buy a new headset but it has it's own seperate drivers so my FL asio drivers won't work with them(which makes my FL lag like crazy). But tommorow im going to be picking up some decent monitor headphones :D. I apologize for not posting any tracks, I tend to be very picky about what I make, I just never feel like a track is done once I get started on it or I lose my momentum with the track. I'm really trying to better my tracks and make my own type of sound so you get the best experience possible. My main problems are EQ and structure with my songs and I hope I can better myself in those areas for a more complete sounding track that doesnt blow your ears out lol.

I haven't really been on NG much lately and after coming back today I realized why I should be on more often. Even though I may not have many fans or listeners the people who do actually listen are waiting for more from me and it made me realize again that there are actual people who listen to my tracks not just numbers on a screen. So in light of this second realization I'm going to be posting a few tracks soon probably towards the middle of july that I've been tweaking and revising. I look foward to seeing what you think of them! xD

And with this I bid you a good day!


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