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My Decision

2012-11-30 18:42:52 by SiegWin

I've been thinking alot about this lately and I decided that i'm going to post alot of music.
I dont know about a time yet though.
Maybe weekly not sure yet but i'll keep you guys posted. :)

Getting Started

2012-11-15 21:24:40 by SiegWin

Hello people of newgrounds. My name is Aaron and I'm happy to finally get the change to be a member of this site.
The reason behind that is I happen to move alot and I dont exactly have alot of money either so I didnt have internet for a while. -_- That set aside however I will try to post my music on here every once in a while to see what everyone thinks of it.
And who knows if I get alot of good and constructive feedback I might Post at a set time.