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Dear god!

2013-05-23 23:58:01 by SiegWin

I know its been a while since ive posted anythinng on here but there is a good reason for it.
I recently broke my laptop and had to buy a new computer.
sad part is the computer that I bought is the most fucked piece of shit I've ever owned.
that being said I will still be able to make music but the quality of the song isnt going to be very good.
If you hear any strange clicking sounds or sounds that dont seem to belong in the song
I apologize in advance.


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2013-05-24 01:25:35

Clicking sound? Could be a faulty hard drive. Make sure to backup up your stuff, since a clicking hard drive is a sign that they soon will stop working D:

SiegWin responds:

Lol you obviously dont understand what a song sounds like when your trying to make it with a windows xp 2002 model PC that only has 256Mb of RAM and a single core processor. xD


2013-05-24 02:08:32

-_- you could always recover the hard drive...

SiegWin responds:

Dude the hard drive isnt the FUCKING problem
the motherboards bus speed is too slow to run Fl the right way
if it was the hard drive i wouldnt be able to access any of my files
which I CAN!!!