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Over 50 songs

2013-09-21 05:15:04 by SiegWin

Well I happend to be looking through all of my songs recently and i counted all of them which equaled 50.
so in celebration of that milestone my 51st song is named Cherish because while i was listening to all of my old tracks
i was overwhelmed with emotions and memories from when i first started.
I would always say to myself. "none of these are probably going to get me anywhere."
Now i look back and i realize that even if i don't get anywhere with my songs at least i had fun making them and sharing them with the world.
haha even in that realization i still do dream of being a well known Dj but at least now if that doesn't happen i wont be broken by it.
Always remember the things you've done good or bad because they are what shaped you and made you who you are inside.


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2013-09-24 11:09:17

Reading this post, I'm reminded of the 51st state, the movie. I don't remember if it was good or bad, but it did star Samuel Jackson... congrats on the tracks btw!

SiegWin responds:

Thanks xD